Consultant Shoulder, Elbow, Hand & Wrist Surgeon

Shoulder Conditions

Shoulder symptoms are very common

Shoulder joint is one of the most complex joint of the body both in terms of injuries and pathologies yet great majority of patients enjoy successful function following conservative or newly emerging surgical interventions.

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Elbow Conditions

Elbow symptoms are very common

Elbow joint is frequently affected with trauma and work related disorders. In recent times with better understanding of mechanics of elbow joint and its function, therapeutic opportunities to help patients with elbow disorders and injuries have risen rapidly.

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Hand and Wrist Conditions

Symptoms of the wrist are very common

Disorder of hand and wrist are a common cause discomfort and disability for work and day to day activities. Exciting developments in techniques are taking place to improve the management of various hand and wrist disorders.

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Trauma Conditions

Common injuries of the upper limbs

Upper limb trauma incidence is on the rise with unsatisfactory and delayed treatment leading to continued disability and loss of function leading to poor long term sequel.

Newer implants, better surgical techniques and fellowship trained surgeons are providing excellent care and improving outcome of these select group of patients.

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